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Student Chapters

Student Chapters

Drawn from all walks of life, our Chapter members are a diverse group of people from different universities, united by a passion to make a difference. Join the MWB network and be part of something special.

MWB’s chapters are a critical part of MWB. A chapter is generally centred around a learning institution, an organisation or a geographic area, and extends MWB’s presence beyond the staff team. Chapters provide a framework for all types of managers – from undergraduates to retirees – to connect with like-minded people, learn more about human-centred engineering and community development, and join local projects and initiatives.


Anyone can join a chapter. Typically, a student at a university joins their university’s chapter, which is supported by the region (or state) chapter. Region chapters are open to everyone, but are typically made up of those working in their professional discipline.

If there is not currently a chapter near you and you think there should be, why not start one? Or join a remote project team to learn more about MWB.

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