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The Impact Framework (TIF)

We have a framework that shapes our thinking, research, educational programs, events and motivation.

Our Model for A Better Quality of Managers!

This is an idea of ​​how we will work to achieve our vision. It links our actions with the defined outcome and identifies five factors of change that we believe are key to building a strong social and economic system in India.

Our focus is on the whole system and contributing to system transformation. We want to work in partnership with organizations from all walks of life, all over India and around the world, to boldly fight social and economic challenges where there is very little change, no change, and where change is urgently needed. We have no intention of running away from finding the most effective solutions and we will continue to pursue those solutions with the most effective results as our goal. In the near future we will establish counselling groups and communities with a focus on each of our impact frameworks and we will establish measurable goals of our success in these areas.

MWB-India’s volunteers and members are the backbone of our organization. MWB-India is a Guinness world record holder for the “longest mobile chain” promoting E-waste management as a part of “I pledge to recycle campaign”. We also work as liaison between the corporate and the recycling centre.

The Impact Framework (E5) provides a template for us to achieve this and maximize our impact.

  • It develops manager community as the means of helping the society.
  • It enhances our networking and collaboration.
  • It is supported by authentic research work and policies.
  • It believes in continuous growth.

MWB India’s Theory of Impact, focuses and identifies the core problem and recognizes the underlying causes. This enables the determination of the process of long-term change required for positive social impact.

The MWB India Impact Framework
Goal To work towards creating positive change to improve the quality of life for society with the help of management communities.
Objectives Impact-led work guided by evidence with a focus on long-term positive change.
Education & Training Education Programs:

·      School outreach

·      E5 Fellowship

·      E5 Innovation

·      Research Program

Training Programs:

·      E5 Insights

·      Future Leadership Training Education & Training

Social Service Responsibility ·      I pledge to recycle campaign

·      E-waste Management

·      Training students for generating social awareness

·      Journal Catalyst

·      providing nutritious food to pregnant women in remote areas.

Impact Areas ·      Sustainable development goals

·      Knowledge sharing

·      Networking

·      Quality research

·      Evidence based and informed

·      Team building & strengthening

Strategies & Pathways ·      International Alliances

·      Research

·      Skill development workshops

·      Training

·      People, Projects & Partnership

·      Education and awareness

Development Principles ·      Research-based approach

·      Networking-thinking

·      Managers-centered

·      Sustainable & equitable

Global Alliance- Future prospects:

At the global level, MWB is committed to contribute across the length and breadth to provide a common platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, environment, culture & quality of life.

MWB India has formed an alliance with MWB-Nigeria & MWB-Germany to facilitate the creation of NGO Forums on substantive issue as a networking space for open discussion and expression of ideas, identify funding, implement and consulting activities that leads to community mobilization.

To encourage the quality research, MWB is planning to launch journal “Journal of Management Without Borders”, wherein young minds can get their research work recognized.

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